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Becoming totally chill about being mentally ill

welcome to Mental Brillness
Mental Brillness is about coming to terms with all aspects of being mentally ill.
It's about looking at a horrific situation with hopeful eyes. It's about making the most of the good days, and persevering through the bad days. It's about sharing, communication, reaching out. It's about moaning, groaning, whinging and whining. It's about shedding light on the failures of services and the system. It's about naming the elephant in the room. It's about riding that elephant gloriously into the sunset..
So, you've decided to come onto Mental Brillness' website. Now be prepared for:
  • In-depth discussion of mental illness, including potentially triggering content (e.g. self harm, abuse, suicide)
  • Light-hearted musings on topics related to mental health
  • Petitions, links and videos
  • Occasional whinging
  • An ever-growing list of reasons life's worth living - see 1001 reasons
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