​Mental brillness

Becoming totally chill about being mentally ill

1. Winter walks: Cold noses, pub grub, wellington boots, crushed leaves, frozen ponds, dappled sunlight... 

2. Sunsets: Granted, this is a bit clichéd. But, have you ever seen the sky when it looks like it's on fire? Don't tell me that isn't a good reason to keep going. 

3. Christmas films: The minute a Christmas film comes on tv I am hooked, transported into a world of childish joy and imagination. Okay, the films only last an hour or two, but that's an hour or two spent keeping myself safe, not acting on self-harm or suicidal urges. 

4. The sound of rain hitting a window: I don't actually know why I like this so much, because I usually hate excessive noise. But there's something so beautifully calming about the sound of rain. 

5. When you get into bed after a long day: And your head sinks into the pillow, as your body is engulfed my a cosy duvet. Yes please. 

6. Freshly painted nails: For the approximately two minutes before I accidentally chip them, I feel like a goddess. Watch out, Beyoncé, here I come. 

7.  Morgan Freeman's voice: Those sweet, dulcet tones will live on through film for many years to come.

8. The crispy bit around the side of a lasagne: You know, the bits of burnt cheese around the side? No? Really? Just me? 

9. A really good poo: I thought I'd wait a while before dropping this one, but I just couldn't stand the crack in the current list of reasons. So I'm dumping this reason here. And don't pretend you don't know what I mean, EVERYONE loves a good shit.
10. Peeling a label off a gift, and it coming off whole: There's no sticky label residue, and you have conquered the world. 

11. People who spray perfume in shops: Smelling sweet as a daisy, for free? Walking past again for another free fragrant mist, hoping they don't recognise you? It's a winner. 

12. Correct pronunciation of your name: For some, this might happen all the time. But, for those of us with a slightly unusual name, hearing someone pronounce our name correctly first time round is both astounding and incredibly pleasing.
13. David attenborough documentaries: Cute animals? Tick. Beautiful landscapes? Tick. Underwater exploration? Tick. 

14. Advent Calendar Chocolates: You know, the sort of chocolate that you probably would never buy if it were in bar form, but the fact it comes in daily little chunks makes it SO. DAMN. EXCITING. 

15. Auld Lang syne: It's midnight, you're crossing arms with family/friends/complete strangers, and belting out the familiar tune that marks the start of a new year.
16. Completing a to-do list: The chores are done, the angels are singing, and life is good.  

17. Nearly falling over, but styling it out: You're about to fall over and the apocalypse is nigh. But, wait, you re-gain your balance and manage to stay upright. You are the grand master of elegance and grace.

18. Mulled liquids: What makes wine/cider/ribena even better? Mulling it. If only pubs mulled their drinks all year round. 

19. Glitter: Want to make a birthday/christmas card even more special? Glitter. Want to jazz up a party outfit? Glitter. Want to attack your enemies? Glitter. 

20. Warm socks: Everything is cosy. Life is good.
21. The Smell in the air after the rain: Damp, refreshing air makes the olafactory senses tingle. It's also known as petrichor. 

22. Using Long Words: Hello world, I am an academic. Hear me use words that were only ever intended to exist inside a dictionary. (see 'olafactory' & 'petrichor' - reason 21). 

23. The size of the sea: SO. MUCH. WATER.

24. Rainbows: Richard of York gave battle in vain, don't you know?

25. Giving the perfect gift: Something that you just know the recipient will love, and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

26. When the toast lands butter side up: Salvaging dropped toast is the work of a true magician.

27. Blowing a huge bubble: Whether it's with bubble liquid or bubblegum, blowing a huge bubble feels like a huge accomplishment. You should really get a certificate for it, or maybe a Bafta. 

28. dancing to the Macarena: It's all about starting at the right time, so that the moves fit properly with the song. Technical dance ability required.

29. Shrove Tuesday: The one day in the year where you are actually encouraged to have pancakes - the food of the gods. 

30. Cracking an egg: Especially when you crack the egg so perfectly that none of the shell falls into the white and yolk. 
31. It's not true that everyone hates you: Even though it may feel that way sometimes. 

32. English Breakfast tea: To be quite honest, I don't know why this hasn't come up sooner. I can only apologise.

33. Paperclip necklaces: They were always SO fun to make and they looked rad.

34. Scoring a winning goal during injury time: It looks like you're going to have to settle for a draw until...hey, what's that? GOAAAAALLLLLLLLL. Classic.

35. When someone has a really great doorbell sound: You press the button and BAM Beethoven's 5th Symphony

36. Discovering your favourite takeaway curry: It may be the most popular item on the menu, but, to you, nobody has ever tasted a lamb rogan josh like this before.

37. Pooper scoopers: Not really for their function, but actually for their badass name.

38. The feeling you get when you finally get that annoying song out of your head: After being plagued for days on end, that annoying melody has finally packed its bags and gone away. 

39. Looking at your old yearbooks: Did I really look like that? 

40. Lime and soda: It tastes like heaven, and all you're paying for is a glass of soda water. It's a winner.

41. Children's Nativity Plays: Mary has just fallen over one of the sheep, and Joseph has wet himself. Merry Christmas, everyone.

42. Smelly gel pens: You know, the baby pink one which smells like bubblegum? Doesn't taste like it, though, so don't bother trying.

43. The 'Thriller' dance: It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark...

44. Quentin Blake illustrations: If you've ever read a Roald Dahl book, you'll have seen Blake's gorgeous illustrations.

45. My Cousin's Laugh: Okay, so this one's a bit niche, as it only really applies to me. But if you met my cousin you'd understand.

46. Dipping McDonald's fries into their strawberry milkshake: Please send me a message via the ' Contact ' page/social media if you've done this too. Also send me a message if you've seen this and decided to try it. It's a match made in heaven.

47. Clap on/clap off lights: I've never actually seen one, so I'm only speculating, but I imagine they're mesmerising.

48. 80s power ballads: Don your power-shouldered jackets, and perform a dramatic air-grab as you sing away all your sorrows.

49. Shoe horns: SO simple, but so useful. I mean, I assume they're useful. I've never actually used one. But yeah, shoe horns. Check 'em out.

50. The french for grapefruit: Pamplemousse. 

51. Tomato ketchup mixed with Mayonnaise: It looks disgusting, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

52.  Remembering a word after forgetting it: Because that feeling when it's on the tip of your tongue is so. damn. annoying. 

53. Campfires: Kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya...

54. When you see someone walking exactly to the beat of the song you're listening to: You are the choreographer of all humankind. The world is your stage. 

55. PUPPIES: I don't think I really need to say any more on this. 

56. Robins: This one's for my mum. "They're just nice to watch. They're in the garden, and they chirp"

57. Snow angels: Where I live, there isn't much snow. But, when it does snow, making a snow angel is a must. 

58. Paddling pools in the summer: Yes, I know, they're meant for kids. But I don't care.

59. Watching the sunrise: Whether it's on the walk home from a night out, or during a planned trip to a field, there's something beautifully tranquil about watching the sun come up. 

60. Netflix: With or without the 'chill'.

61. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches: I live in England, so it's 'jam', not 'jelly'. Still equally delicious, though. 

62. Sardines: Not the fish, but that game where you all have to cram into a tiny space without getting found.

63. Twister: Continuing the theme of games - it's the one where you have to put X limb on X colour and not fall over. Brutal.

64. Twister ice lollies: I don't know if these exist anywhere outside England, but they should.

65. Snapchat filters: Because why wouldn't I want to wear a wreath of flowers around my head?

66. Chinese whispers: And being that person that purposefully alters what's being passed along. Rebel without a cause. 

67. You will have good days: Even if they are outweighed by the bad days.

68. Crying when you really need to cry: You may look like a mess, but that doesn't matter. The sense of catharsis is worth it. 

69. Waterproof mascara: So that, when you do cry, your eyes are still on fleek.

70. Terry's chocolate oranges: It's not Terry's, it's mine.

71. Learning who your true friends are: It can hurt, a lot, but it's worth it in the long-run.

72. The smell of bacon: Get in ma belly.

73. Giggling: I maintain that this is different to full-blown laughing.

74. Laughing: I maintain that this is different to simply giggling.

75. Joseph's technicolour dreamcoat: Not the musical, but the coat. Damn.

76. The '12 days of Christmas' song: 5 GOLD RINGSSSSS

77. Freedom of speech: This one's a tricky one. It should exist everywhere, but sadly it doesn't. It's something that we, i.e. those of us who have it, shouldn't take for granted.

78. Portable phone chargers: Yes, I have really gone from something as important as freedom of speech to something as insignificant as portable phone chargers. Don't judge me.

79. Prosecco: It's cheaper than champagne, and just as bubbly. 

80. Recovering from a cold: One of the times where you really, properly appreciate how good it is to breathe properly. 

81. Surprises: Some people hate surprises, but I love them.

82. Ghost trains: Because, even though they really shouldn't be scary, they still are.

83. Finding your calling: By some miracle, I think I've worked out what I'm meant to do with my life. The task now is staying alive in order to do it. 

84. Seeing your kids grow up: Now, I don't have kids, so I can't really comment. But my dad says that this is one of his reasons to live, so this one's for him.

85. Marshmallows: Especially the pink ones. I don't think they actually taste any different? Or do they? Someone with extensive marshmallow knowledge please educate me via the contact page. 

86. Scented candles: One of my friends has an obsession with scented candles, and it's because of her that my bedroom is now filled to the brim with them. 

87. Paddling in the sea: And running away from the waves as they crash into the shore. One of the simplest pleasures in life.

88. Polaroid cameras: I don't have one of these, but I'm definitely going to invest in one when I have the money. 

89. The feeling of sand between your toes: Especially on a warm summer's day.

90. Beanie babies: Does anybody remember these? I used to have a doll who wore a bright green dress and fluffy green jacket. Her name was Sassy Star. Very 90s. 

91. Easter egg hunts: I haven't done one of these in years, but they always used to be my favourite part of the Easter holidays. Me, my family, and numerous family friends would go to stay in big houses in the countryside, which were perfect places for hiding eggs. I wonder how many got left behind...

92. Chopsticks (eating tool): One of the things I want to do with my life is to learn how to use chopsticks properly. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

93. Chopsticks (piano): Everyone who can actually play the piano properly seems to hate this song, and for good reason. However, it's the only thing I can remember how to play, so I play it with gusto. 

94. The Very Hungry Caterpillar: If you've never read this book, you need to correct that immediately.

95. Getting a seat on a train: If getting public transport is a war, you have won the battle.

96. Giving up your seat on the train: And getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you put others' needs before your own. 

97. Singing in the shower: I only ever sing in the shower when the house is empty because, even though I may think I'm a superstar, everyone else thinks otherwise.

98. Ten green bottles: Sitting on the wall, ten green bottles sitting on the wall, and if one green bottle should accidentally fall...

99. S Club 7 may make another comeback: This is probably one of my top reasons to live #NotAshamed.

100. Boy bands: From East 17 to Westlife to One Direction, boy bands never fail to cheer me up. Their cheesy lyrics, and even cheesier dance moves, will live on forever.

101. Pantomimes: HE'S BEHIND YOU. OH NO HE ISN'T. OH YES HE HIS. Audience interaction overload - the fourth wall is well and truly demolished.

102. Christmas sandwiches: Either as a pre-Christmas treat, or stuffed with post-Christmas leftovers - Christmas sandwiches are the food of the gods. (This one is for my lovely friend L.H.)

103. Gluten-free bread: The friend who suggested reason 102 can't have gluten products, so I thought I'd add this one for her too. 

104. Fonts which are NOT Comic Sans: Now, apparently comic sans aids reading, so I can't slate it too much. But still.

105. Fairy lights: They are essential for creating that #aesthetic.

106. Unexpected post: I've just had my birthday, and received some really lovely, unexpected cards. It touched my stone cold heart. 

107. Heinz cream of tomato soup: Open can. Pour out soup. Heat up soup. Eat soup. Bish bash bosh. 

108. Sucking helium from balloons: And sounding like Alvin and/or his chipmunk friends.

109. Exceeding others' expectations: Tell me to find 3 reasons to live, and I'll find 1001. Just 'cos. 

110. Exceeding your own expectations: For me, this one is more satisfying than reason 109, because I am an inexorable perfectionist. (Also because, if my expectation is to die, then making myself live is exceeding that expectation.) 

111. Alliteration: Alliteration always adds awesomeness. 

112. People who are not scared of spiders: These people save me every time I see one of those eight-legged assholes. 

113. Spiders: Because, even though they may be eight-legged assholes, they're pretty damn useful in keeping the world ticking on over. 

114. Spas: I visited a posh spa for the first time ever a couple of days ago, and oh my goodness it was INCREDIBLE. I'd love to be able to make an annual visit.

115. Night buses: There are two nightbuses where I live that take me pretty much straight to my road. Ideal. 

116. Disney films: I can't believe that this reason has not come up sooner. It's a travesty.

117. Feeling your hair when it's been shaved really short: My hairdresser shaved a bit at the back of my head the other day, and I've finally understood the feeling that people with really short hair always talk about. It's magical.

118. Fish and chips: With lots of salt and vinegar, smothered in tomato ketchup. YES PLEASE. 

119. Climbing into cardboard boxes: They are now your fort/ship/bed/home/etc.

120. Charity work: One of my ambitions is to become a successful fundraiser. Since 2013, I've raised around £8000 for two different charities, and I'm proud of that. But there's still more to do. 

121. First dates: Okay, they're terrifying, but they're also the first step in getting to know someone new, and that's really exciting. 

122. Granny Smith apples: The mother of all apples. 

123. Hugs: Another reason which I should have thought of way earlier than this. Apologies. 

124. Seeing your favourite band get back together: I'm still hoping Oasis will do this... though I'll take a more realistic approach and ask for One Direction to reunite instead.

125. Finger painting: You may think this is just for toddlers, but au contraire. Finger painting is, as I learnt during my first hospital stay, a brilliant way to let off steam, force yourself into needing a shower, and create bizarre artwork.

126. Taking the perfect selfie: Whether it's the 'funny' selfie, the 'flirty' selfie, or the 'filtered' selfie, taking the perfect one is an unbeatable feeling. (Yes, I am very vain)

127. Remembering the good times: When I am in the darkest depths of depression, remembering the good times gets me through. 

128. Finishing school/college/university: The first two felt great, but it's the third one that I'm really looking forward to. 

129. Getting in shape: And doing it the healthy way. Unfortunately, my relationship with food leaves a lot to be desired. Added to that, I have a huge fear of exercising in front of people (I have recently restarted swimming though!). But I'm getting there.

130. Blowing out all the candles in one go: Every birthday I aim for perfection, and (nearly) every birthday I fail. 

131. Chai Lattes: I am so basic, but also not ashamed.

132. Temporary tattoos: They're not only great fun if you're 5 years old and pretending to be a pirate, but also a really useful, pretty way of temporarily covering self-harm scars and distracting yourself from self-destructive urges. 

133. A Hangover Poo: So you thought you could make it to the end of the list without thinking about poo again? You were wrong. The hangover poo is the king of all poos, and that's all you need to know. 

134. Fry-ups: Whether it's the traditional full-English, or your own take on the classic, there's no ailment a fry-up can't cure. 

135. Hundreds and thousands: You know, those little sugar-strand cake decorations, which manage to individually taste delicious, despite being the size of an ant. 

136. Remixes: I particularly like the Zwette edit of Another Love by Tom Odell. Check it out.

137. Cookie dough: Raw, chocolatey goodness. It's almost not worth making it into cookies.

138. Party rings: They're a ring-shaped hard biscuit, with the top covered in multi-coloured icing. They're unassuming, cheap, and, most importantly, delicious. No kid's (or, indeed, adult's) party is complete without the addition of the humble party ring.

139. Rubber rings: Who knew buoyancy aids could be so much fun?

140. Onion rings: Are you sensing the theme here?

141. Haribo rings: If you put five of the yellow ones on your fingers then you can wave your hand around and shout FIVE GOLD RINGS. Just a thought. 

142. Breaking from tradition: And thus ends the 'rings' section of the 1001 reasons list.

143. Sports bras: Offering comfort and support, they're the boob-owners alternative to a good friend.

144. The smell of chlorine: Not in like, a weird way, but in the sense that swimming pools smell bloody good, and it's certainly not because of the smelly feet.

145. Falling in love: I've never fallen in love. Not really, properly, anyway. But I've been told it's pretty rad, so I'm looking forward to that. 

146. Barry Manilow: I am hereby coming out of the Manilow Fan Closet. 

147. Skinny dipping: Being naked is pretty horrible at the best of times, but there's something about being naked IN water that makes it so much more appealing. 

148. Star-gazing: I climbed Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago, and, if I could only take one memory away from it, it'd be the memory of the beautiful starry night sky. Just incredible. 

149. The Hokey Cokey: Some people call it the Hokey Pokey, but THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S CALLED. Okay? Okay. Good. I'm glad we cleared that up. 

150. Dry shampoo: For those (in my case, numerous) times when washing your hair just isn't gonna happen.

151. Napping after a huge meal: Your stomach is full, and you are content. Nothing is wrong in the world.  

152. Buses that speak: I don't know if these are just where I live, or if they exist everywhere, but the buses which tell you which stop you're at/etc. are life-changing. 

153. Winning a game of Monopoly: Out of the hundreds of times I've played Monopoly, I've only ever completed it once. And I lost. It's time to change that. 

154. Seasonal/festive hot drinks: Particularly hot chocolates. But not the ones that are disgustingly sweet, because ew. 

155. Bubblebaths: When my hospital room had a bath in it (I know! A bath! I was living the mentally ill high life) I used to take a bubble bath every day after therapy. It was the best de-stresser. 

156. Taking high heels off: Originally, I was going to write taking your bra off as well. But actually I hate not wearing a bra, because these boobs need some serious support. Erm, you probably didn't need to know that.

157. Getting an answer right on a game show: ESPECIALLY UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE.

158. When your favourite TV show returns: Unless we're talking about the time when Skins came back a few years ago and it was utter shite.

159. NOT getting picked on for the audience participation part of a show: Being forcibly brought up on stage is genuinely one of my worst fears. I perform in pantos, so we encourage audience participation where possible. But, bloody hell, if I was in the audience I would be crawling so far under my seat that I'd discover a new Narnia.  

160. When your winged eyeliner matches the first time: I've been wearing winged eyeliner pretty much every day for the past 6ish years, but I still celebrate each time it goes right.

161. Pasta with cheese and butter: It's so boring, but SO DELICIOUS. 

162. Having chicken soup when you're ill: I don't know if this is an actual thing, or if it's just my family that does it, but it's good shit. 

163. Crunching frosty grass on a winter's morning: Everything from the sensation of it under your feet, to the sound it makes, to the footprints it leaves as you continue walking.

164. Catching up with friends you've known for years: You know you can go for months on end without talking to each other, and it'll still be the same. 

165. Musical theatre: Can't go wrong with a bit of Lloyd Webber. 

166. Chicken Tikka Masala: Okay, so technically it's not "proper" curry, but it's SO GOOD. 

167. Chips in gravy: If I could live on this for every meal, I'd be very content.

168. The feeling you get when your flight lands safely: I am terrified of flying, so this is a big deal.

169. Heated towel rails: Urgh, I am so basic. Apologies. Seriously, though, when you go to a hotel and the towels are warm, it's the best thing. 

170. Jumping in puddles: Especially if you're wearing wellies.

171. 'Ice skating' on puddles that have frozen over: I used to do this on my way to school, when I was about 5/6. My school shoes would slip and slide over the puddle, and it was so much fun. 

172. Successfully building a piece of IKEA furniture: I've never actually done this, but it's definitely a goal. It's the epitome of proper adulting.

173. Hostels: You meet such a range of people, and you don't have to pay much at all to stay there. As long as I'm not on the top bunk I'm a happy bunny. 

174. Baggy jumpers: Not hoodies, though. I hate hoodies. Sweatshirts 5ever.

175. Doc martens: I have black ankle-length ones, and they are so incredibly wonderful, even if they were a total nightmare to break in. 

176. Rhubarb and custard sweets: especially the ones that you get in big jars in old fashioned sweet shops. 

177. Apple crumble: with vanilla ice cream, or custard...or both. NOT lumpy custard, though, and DEFINITELY NOT custard that has a 'skin' on top. Just gross.

178. Door stops in the shape of animals: Totally unnecessary but very cute. 

179. Alleyways that have decent lighting: There's an alleyway at the end of my road that I used to refer to as 'death alley'. Bit dramatic, but, in my defence, it was seriously scary. Now, though, it has big bright street lights and everything is much better. 

180. Lava lamps: SO RETRO. 

181. Meeting your childhood heroes: This one's a bit risky, because heroes don't tend to live up to all the expectations. BUT, when I was around 7 I met my favourite author, and it was just as wonderful as I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I'm still waiting to meet S Club 7... 

182. Car washes: Does anyone else think of Shark Tale when they go through a car wash?

183. Driving with the windows down: I like this, but not on a motorway. Too much noise/air pollution/ew. 

184. When the toast comes out just right: Properly toasted, and maybe a little bit burnt to add taste. 

185. Procrastination: Yes, it stops you doing important things, but it also means you find really random crap online. Talking of random crap online...


187. Remembering your tea, just before it goes cold: No other time are my adrenaline levels higher than when I realise I've forgotten about my cup of tea. 

188. Bingo: Proper, old-lady bingo. Not the online kind. 

189. Puns: Especially HILARIOUS ones like Mental Brillness.

190. Seeing someone reach their full potential: Yes, we're back to the emotional reasons. There's just so much pride and awe at some people's achievements. People are cool. 

191. Reading your old diaries: I've only ever kept one diary, and it's from when I was about 7. 7 year old me was a HOOT. 

192. Not setting an alarm: And sleeping all day. 

193. Being an ally: There's nothing more important than showing your support to someone who needs it. 

194. Rounders: I'm not sure whether it's just a UK thing or if it exists in America too, but either way, rounders is the king of all 'summer' sports. 

195. Belgian buns: With lots of icing and a glacé cherry on top. 

196. Rewatching Malcolm in the Middle: And realising it was one of the greatest tv shows ever made. Fact. 

197. Admitting you're wrong: Only when you're actually wrong. I think it's one of the most important things about growing up. 

198. Compiling photo albums: I'm really against storing all my photos on digital media, so recently I've started making photo albums. Not only is it really satisfying, it's also really nice to take a look back at old photos and see how much things have changed. 

199. Finding a really clean public toilet: It's a rarity where I live. 

200. The NHS: People who live in UK are amongst some of the luckiest people in the world when it comes to having free healthcare. It may be underfunded, overburdened and at the brink of collapse under the current government - but it's an incredible service, with even more incredible staff. If it wasn't for the NHS, I, and so many others, would no longer be here. Long live the NHS. End of. 

201. Bubblewrap: For one of my birthdays, a very close friend got me, amongst other things, a HUGE roll of bubblewrap to pop. I'm still working my way through it. 

202. Finding money in coats: Or behind the sofa. Either's good. 

203. Freshly-cut grass: Even though I have hayfever, the smell of freshly-cut grass is irresistable. Spring in a smell. 

204. Shooting stars: I don't know whether or not I've ever actually seen a shooting star, but apparently they're beautiful. 

205. Swans flying overhead: Full disclosure: I'm a bit scared of swans. It's pretty cool when they go in formation though. 

206. Lavender fields: Looking at a sea of purple is so calming, plus the smell is out of this world. 

207. Mashed potato: Honestly, I'll take it with or without lumps. As long as it's mashed, it's good. 

208. Cats: I was so sure I already had cats on the list, but apparently not. Our family used to have two cats, and they were so ditzy, but they were fab. 

209. Rose gardens: One of the Royal Horticultural Society gardens near me has a beautiful rose garden in the summer. It has so many varieties of roses that I didn't even know existed. 

210. Kindles: This is a bit controversial amongst lovers of 'real' books, but I do love the way in which Kindles make carrying around your favourite books so much easier and lighter. 

211. Really old books: There's a book market underneath one of the bridges on the Southbank in London, and it has so many old books. When I'm rich, I'll go to the market to buy all the old books and give them a home. 

212. The menopause: Apparently it's pretty horrendous to go through, but no periods??? Winner. 

213. Flowers: Just in general. Nature is a wonderful thing.

 214. PLEASANT SURPRISES: Like when someone you didn't think you were that close to comes through as a knight in shining armour at a time of need. Or, when you feel like shit and someones says you look nice rather than telling you how tired you look.

215. FINDING THE PERFECT HAIR DYE: Important for emotional stability.

216. HOME-BREWED BEER: Personally, I'm not a beer fan. BUT I've heard excellent things about brewing your own, hence it makes its way onto this list. 

217. GOOD HAIR DAYS: See #215. 

218. THE SIMS: The ultimate game for procrastination.

219. Using freshly-sharpened pencils: Especially if you're using it after having used it blunt before. Simple but great pleasure. 

220. When the pencil doesn't break in the sharpener: Because it ALWAYS DOES.

221. When someone makes you the perfect cup of tea: Weak, lots of milk, no sugar please (yes, I realise I drink pathetic tea).

222. Decent choral music sung by a decent choir: Because, when either one is bad, it's so, so bad. 

223. The smell of jasmine: In the times I've been lucky enough to visit a Greek island, the lasting memory is the beautiful smell of jasmine, often mixed with the smell of petrol from motor bikes.

224. The 'zed zone': What myself and a dear friend call the state of sleepy bliss after taking a sleeping pill (PRESCRIBED).

225. Good wine: I can't, or, my liver won't let me, drink white wine, but a good red that isn't too vinegary or a rosé that's the perfect balance between dry and sweet? Yes please. 

226. Travelling abroad: If I were a) rich and b) not scared of flying, I would definitely be a globe-trotter. 

227. Discovering more about your home country: I could visit the Lake District again and again and again, and still be pleasantly surprised at finding new places to walk.